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Hello, and welcome to “The Best Movies You (Probably) Never Heard Of”. As the title suggests, this blog is meant to highlight some movies that are not as well-known to the public at large or are cult films that might be off of your radar.  They include all kinds of films, both live action and animated, fiction and documentaries, in English and in foreign languages.  The only criteria is that they are movies that you should check out.

Of course, my taste in movies is unlikely to run congruent with yours one-hundred percent of the time.  Everyone’s a critic after all and I’m sure that you the individual reader won’t love every film that I write about.  Further more, I don’t claim that every single film on here is great, or even excellent.  Some films are merely good.  They all get a rating of three stars or more (as will be indicated at the foot of the entry) and all of them, whether a masterpiece or a mangled thing of greatness are worth your time and attention. What’s wonderful about being a film lover in this day and age is that there are virtually no obstacles preventing a viewer from seeing the movie he or she wishes to experience.  There used to be a saying in the film industry that if an executive thought a movie had limited appeal that it “won’t play in Peoria”.  That’s still true today for theatrically released films.  But thanks to Netflix, Amazon, and numerous other delivery services, if a film is being streamed or is available on Blue Ray or DVD then you can see it no matter where you live.*

What’s not so great about being a film lover in this day and age is that despite infinite delivery options, fewer people these days are seeking out interesting movies.  For all the talk about the death of theatrical films (and the fact that most films are actually shot on digital video) and for all the news about people watching movies on their smartphone or tablet, it’s very hard for a movie to gain exposure without a proper theatrical launch, even if it’s just for a few weeks in a few select cities.  Too many people, I’m afraid, have turned “going to the movies” into a special occasion.  Too many people simply buy tickets for whatever the big “tent pole” release is that weekend.  And for all the hype about instant streaming, the number of films uploaded to such service is actually relatively small compared to the rich variety that’s out on DVD.  Too many people, I’m afraid, settle for what’s just instantly available. This in of itself is not a bad thing.  Hollywood still makes excellent movies and there’s nothing wrong with just wanting to see a purely entertaining movie or watching one of your all-time favorites for the umpteenth time, just as there’s nothing wrong with eating at the Olive Garden every now and then.  But if you hear about a truly exceptional restaurant in your area you would track it down and give it a try, right?

And so I hope you will become a regular reader of my blog.  I’ll try to highlight as diverse a group of films as possible and will also include occasional articles about other entertainment related (and non-entertainment related) subjects.  Also, I am happy to receive suggestions from you about movies that might be good candidates for the this blog. And now:  Lights, Camera, Action!

*Most of the movies I review here will be available on DVD.  If they are not available on that format I will indicate it at the end of the article.  If the film has recently been added to a streaming service, I will indicate that as well.  If the film is going to be shown on Turner Classic Movies or some other cable channel, I will try to inform you of the fact.