The Best Movies You (Probably) Never Heard Of


In 1985 Walt Disney Pictures released Return to Oz, a film that was, as the title suggests, a continuation of L. Frank Baum’s tale of Dorothy Gale and her friends in that magical land over the rainbow.  It was developed during a period of great turmoil within the company, when corporate raiders were trying to buy the house of mouse, sell off its lucrative theme park division and movie library then shut down the production end entirely.

When the film was released, Michael Eisner, Frank Welles and Jeffery Katzenberg had taken over Disney and would completely turn the studio around, leading to one of the great corporate re-births of our time.  Unfortunately, Return to Oz withered and died at the box office, along with the studios incredibly ambitious animated film The Black Cauldron.  The film was dismissed by critics as being too frightening for children.  How quickly they forget…

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