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The Best Movies You (Probably) Never Heard Of


By the late 1960’s the classic Hollywood studio system was kaput.  The Supreme Court ruled in the late forties that the studios which also owned their own theater chains had an illegal monopoly.  That was the first nail in the coffin.  The next was the rise of television.  Then the inevitable death or retirement of the studio moguls.  By the end of the sixties studios were being sold to the highest bidder.  Paramount Pictures was sold to Gulf + Western, a multinational company that started out making automobile bumpers.  The San Francisco based insurance giant Transamerica would later buy United Artist while Nevada real estate magnate Kirk Kerkorian bought MGM.

And what did these new corporate overlords know about making movies?  Nothing really.  Their only hope for survival was to turn to the younger filmmakers working in the industry to help bring in a new audience.  These included Stanley Kubrick…

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