The Best Movies You (Probably) Never Heard Of


The goal of this blog, very simply, is to bring to light movies that either weren’t widely seen during their release or films that have somewhat fallen into obscurity.  The hope is that someone who hasn’t seen these films will take a look at them.  I certainly can’t promise that you’ll like them and I’m sure that if the movie being profiled doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then you’ll probably skip that one.  I certainly hope you’ll watch every film that I write about but hey, we’ve all got things to do.

When compiling a list of potential films to write about I inevitably started to list some titles that I’m well aware aren’t for everybody.  I imagine that some of my past entries will have their detractors.  I know that there are people who gave Return to Oz a shot and just didn’t like it.  Some will…

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